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N. Lucus "Nora in Aurora"
"Great tips on how to distinguish different personality types, as well as how to use different selling techniques for various situations. I look forward to implementing quite a few of these suggestions in my daily quest to close the deal!!"

Patrick M.
Everyone involved with sales should read this book! I have worked with Tim and this book directly reflects the very techniques he has applied for decades to increase his sales results along with the results of his co-workers. I can speak from experience that the techniques presented in Stop Selling helped me to close more deals. It has also allowed me to create long-lasting relationships with my clients because they trust and respect my consulting. Stop Selling is well written and a great weapon for any salesman's arsenal!

Peter Luft
This book covers virtually every aspect of the sales process and is ideal for salespeople just getting started or for a veteran. The book outlines a very comprehensive sales process that can be applied to virtually any product/service. An absolute MUST read for anyone in real estate franchising.

Walter O.
Tim Burns wrote a contemporary "How To" book on building franchised brands. But it is more than that. This book is a philosophical treatise centered on empirical data and experiences that should resonate well with today's work force. Putting his precepts to work, however, will require much thought, introspection, and re-direction. But if one truly gets it, and digs much deeper, Burns' teachings and philosophy will transcend all expectations.

Jerry E.
"Tim Burns begins with the right premise, namely, that if you are offering a customer a strong value proposition and you build a solid relationship with them, then there is very little actual selling in the process. You are guiding the customer to the natural conclusion of the close. With the table set, Mr. Burns then begins to build a framework, a skeleton if you will, of how to stop selling and begin to engage your customer at a whole different level. This includes a good critique of how to use personality types to relate to your customer, how to move into more of a consultative role, as well as, a good overview of how to use the critical "implication" questions to show customers the cost to themselves if they maintain the status quo. Mr. Burns then adds "meat to the bones" in the second half of the book as he lays out how to build in practical methodolgy to your sales process to get the results you want. This is evident especially in Chapters 9,10 and 11. In chapter 9 he lays out the importance of having a thorough, natural and logical flow to each step in your process. The analogy of the river dam was especially vivid in demonstrating the importance of making sure the gate is completely shut behind you before you try to advance the sale to the next level. Chapter 10, Prepare your Questions, sounds like it could be Salesmanship 101, but I have over 20 years in sales and it really made me recommit to the importance of proper preparation. Already I seen my sales advancing much more smoothly. Chapter 11 is really a good chapter on objection avoidance by building customized checklists, timelines or business plans for your customer. Mr. Burns shows how to make sure your customer is engaged in the process, internalizes it and avoid surprises. Throughout Stop Selling Mr. Burns gives the book energy and a boost of motivational inspiration with antecdotes on how to persevere through short-term pain, change management, as well as, the ultimate reward of never giving up. I would particularly give Stop Selling a strong recommendation to those salespeople involved with "big ticket" items that require a longer selling cycle. For all it will have some nice walk-a-ways to boost performance."

Greg Troast
I really enjoyed reading this book. Tim Burns has helped me tremedously with understanding the personality traits of clients. He did a great job of illustrating how to use unique ideas, communication skills to help you understand your sales stregnths. I liked how he combined his past experiences and life stories to show the reader how important professional relations can be.I would highly recommend this book because Tim uses all his sales experiences the past 35 years to help the reader increase sales results.

Diana Fredericks
VP of Business Development at ReMax, LLC
"Stop Selling" is an exceptional sales manual for professionals engaging in high-ticket, complex and lengthy sales cycles. This book provides sophisticated sales techiniques that will serve the rookie as well as the experienced sales consultant. The ideas are practical and can be implemented immediately, plus you won't need more than a weekend to complete the book. I enjoyed the entertaining way the author took me through several real-world experiences to make a valid point. All the usual trappings in sales are addressed in a very sensible, non-cluttered manner. You will thoroughly enjoy this book but more importantly, if you apply even a few of the principles, you will impact your sales in a positive, powerful way!"

Lorraine Clawson
Sr.Business Development Consultant at ReMax, LLC - California/Hawaii Region
"I have been in sales for 25 years. I have read many "sales" books. This book is like no other. You will receive information that can help you increase your success no matter what type of product you are selling. Unlike many authors who write a book after they leave the industry (sometimes many years before) this author is doing this every day and implementing the tools he tells you about. You'll get great ideas from what questions to ask to get to know your customer better and his/her internal needs and desires as well as value added questions meant to show how your product or service will help the customers reach their goals. This is a very small investment that could mean very big returns. Oh, and it's not a boring book - it will keep you wanting to read! I can't wait for his second book."

Mike Gardener
"Tim Burns know sales and knows people, this is evident as soon as you start reading Stop Selling. This book covers the sales process from A to Z and will make you look at yourself and your own selling techniques. The stories are real life and seem to relate to various sales situations I have been involved in, but they lay out what is going on and what needs to be done for a successful win-win outcome. Now if I could only go back in time with the knowledge I have gleaned from Tim and his intimate knowledge and dissection of the sales process and the interesting and entertaining way he brings it to life. Stop selling and go manage the process!"

Business Development Consultant at Remax World Headquarters - Greater Denver
"This book covers a lot of great concepts that need to be understood in the consultative sales process. There are many great examples and stories along the way to help bring the ideas home. Use this book to pick up and implement some new ideas & thoughts you had not yet considered. Well done!"

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