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Breaking up is hard to do

One of the greatest challenges for a salesperson is figuring out when to move on. This can also be a challenge for the manager of that individual, if they have one.

As a manager, I believe you have to trust your salesperson. Nobody knows the client or situation like they do. Sometimes, they can be too close to it. Unless it's a habitual dilemma, you must trust them to cut the cord at the right time.

If the client has seen all that you, your product or service can do and can't act, you have to ask yourself these questions:

A partnership is a marriage without love

Many individuals seek a partnership and in some cases, it's a good idea. What makes for a good partnership? When should you avoid it like the Plague? Let's focus first on why you partner. 

If the partner brings a skill set, such as being a stronger financial manager, it could be positive. Stronger people skills can also be a missing asset. Decide if you can hire into the voided area instead of partnering. It's much easier to fire a manager or administrator, than it would be to fire a partner.

Get Better Results By Being Less Positive

I believe many sales are lost because the salesperson was not prepared. What I mean is that the salesperson is not prepared for a "no." How many times was a sale tracking and then takes an unexpected turn? It happens often, right? You were making a call to confirm an appointment or to give some information, and the client delivers the news, "I have decided not to proceed." We hate that and wonder where it came from. I'm a firm believer that in many cases it's due to not enough information.

Everyone needs words of encouragement

One of the most important parts of the sales process is validation. In Stop Selling, I liken the sales process to building a fire. The validation in that process, I compare to the oxygen that breathes life into the fire. We have all witnessed when a client has been validated in one form or another, how they come back to life or go to a higher level of excitement. Likewise, we have seen a bad conversation or something that they witness seem to take the process in the opposite direction. Almost like water being thrown on the flames.

Reinventing yourself and surviving

I work around the real estate industry. It amazes me how in the middle of the worst real estate recession since the Great Depression, so many people survived, some even thrived. How did they do it? They reinvented themselves. I will focus on that industry for a moment, and then compare how individuals and companies can use these events to go to school and prepare as well. 

Consider the circumstances going on back then. The market had overheated, and many clients were given loans that they never should have been granted in the first place.

If it is meant to be...

Is this something you have heard? I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard that phrase. Most salespeople hate to hear this comment. For me, I do believe that there is a path or direction for all of us. However, I do not believe this phrase is a free pass to take decisions or choices lightly. I believe we must take action and not believe that if it's meant to be, the opportunity will keep falling in our lap and become so obvious. When opportunity knocks, we must seize it or at least realize that we chose not to.

Have You Been E-jected?

You read that correctly, I didn't mean rejected, nor was I referencing a seat that launches you into the air. I'm talking about the electronic dismissal to your offering. We live in a great time where we have more ways or means to communicate rapidly, but are these effective? Through electronic communication we can confirm an appointment long after business hours or respond to a question when that client would wait to call the next morning. However, there is a trap to this communication.

At the crossroads of passive income

You are a top producing individual in real estate, how do you get to the next level? How do you benefit from the business you have created? The market is improving and how do you take advantage of it? Lastly,you want to think about an exit strategy. These are among the questions many top performers are asking themselves right now. In my travels and in my role, I have the opportunity to meet with many of the industry’s strongest agents, team leaders and broker owners. One thing I believe is certain, “there is not a one size fits all answer” to any of the aforementioned questions.

How Important is Brand?

While in the field with a member of our team, a client made the comment, "we ask ourselves all the time, how important is brand?" Over the last 30 years, I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard that. The problem is that most people get the wrong answer when they ask that question. Like this individual, they ask their customer if brand would make a difference to them? Would it make any less or more likely to do business with them? That's the wrong person to ask because to them you already are a brand.

That's not us

I was talking to a friend of mine who’s in sales, and he was frustrated. He shared with me that he continues to see the same pattern. He talks to a client, and he leaves them interested, but in the next meeting they tell him that they are no longer interested or worse than that, they do not even keep that scheduled meeting. He is not in a one-step type sale. So, it is not that he cannot close. In fact, he is closing for the next appointment.  I asked him what’s happening between those meetings.

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